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Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen


Hot on the heels of their Instrumental Group of the Year win at the International Bluegrass Music Association Awards, Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen’s latest release, Cold Spell, earned a GRAMMY nomination for Best Bluegrass Album. Repeatedly tagged as one of the most exciting bands on the bluegrass scene, Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen can’t slow down since joining forces in the Washington, D.C. area, a longtime breeding ground for some of the genre’s finest players.

Lead vocalist/mandolinist/fiddler Solivan and bassist Dan Booth have known one another since they were teens in Alaska; they’re joined by banjoist Mike Munford, winner of IBMA’s 2013 Banjo Player of The Year Award, and guitarist Chris Luquette, who won IBMA’s 2013 Instrumentalist of The Year Momentum Award. Noted for individual virtuosity, well-executed interplay and close harmonies, they expertly deliver precise, intricate compositions without ever stepping on one another’s musical toes. And though they use traditional instruments, they refuse to be bound by tradition; they much prefer to travel wherever the music takes them.

Cold Spell (2014)FSDK - Cold Spell (2014)

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  • Say It Isn't So
  • No Life In This Town

On The Edge (2013) FSDK - On the Edge (2013)

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  • I Fell Short
  • Gone

Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen (2010)

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  • Driftin' Apart
  • The Note that Said Goodbye

Selfish Tears (2006)

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  • Selfish Tears
  • Screened In

I Am a Rambler (2002)

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  • Day to Day
  • Dirty Kitchen



Compass Records – Cold Spell (August 2014)

“No Life in this Town” Live in Telluride (August 2014)

“She Said She Will” at WAMU Bluegrass Country (June, 2014)

“Yeah Man” at WAMU’s Bluegrass Country (July 2014)

“Better (Days Go By) **Official Video** (July 2014)

Soundcheck: The Bluegrass Situation (September, 2013)


The Scuttlebutt

With Cold Spell, Solivan, Munford, Booth, and Luquette are poised to become a lasting force in the bluegrass community, and also exhibit strong potential to cross over into even broader success. - Ed Whitelock, PopMatters

Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen are settling into a long-term run as productive as it will be influential. They’ve got it all, including momentum. - David McGee, Deep Roots Magazine

Such a pleasure to see this band develop from disc to disc; seeing them jam live takes it to another level. This isn’t your father’s or grandfather’s bluegrass — it’s state of the art acoustic music with elements of blues, jazz, rock, folk, Americana. - Douglas Ball, Amazon Customer Review

Frank Solivan can’t stop singing. He’s sitting at a truck stop somewhere in Nebraska, taking a break from an endless drive between gigs, but he still launches into song like he’s leading his band Dirty Kitchen through a rambling bluegrass number on a festival stage. - Stephen M. Deusner, CMT Edge

Solivan, Munford, Luquette, and Danny Booth (bass) are some of the most talented musicians, both vocally and instrumentally, playing in the bluegrass world right now. - John Goad, Bluegrass Today

For those of you who’ve been spending time under a bluegrass rock lately, Solivan and his bandmates are one of the hottest acts around. - Shawn Underwood, Twangville

If Tim O’Brien and Alison Brown ever had a love child, it might just be Frank Solivan. This newgrass/bluegrass foursome spirals through skin-tight banjo picking, razor-sharp mandolin and jazz-tinged concentric circles – all with a degree of control that balances technical precision and improvisational virtuosity. - Siobhan Long, Irish Times

Their new album COLD SPELL will solidify their position as torchbearers for the new generation of progressive bands taking bluegrass from its traditional roots to a younger and broader audience. - The Bluegrass Music News Network

You’ll find music that expresses common themes – longing and desire, heartache and hope — in uncommon and creative ways. Music that means something. Even music that makes you think. - David Morris, Bluegrass Today

The best music always defies categorization. The instruments featured will inevitably lead people to call it bluegrass. Some will call it Roots and others Americana. I say call it whatever you like, just make sure to give it a listen. - Ian Birchwood, Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association

Cold Spell, their recent release, sticks to the bluegrass that brought them in for the show and wraps the basic string band structure with country, jazz, blues and rock influences. - Danny, The Alternate Root

Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen clearly have proven that uniqueness, authenticity, and being true to your vision of who you want to be does work, and it seems to be what the listener is looking for too. - Greg Tutwiler, Americana Rhythm Music Magazine